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About Us

With the advent of internet and new-age technology, digitization has become an inseparable aspect of people’s lives. The media preference and consumption landscape is fast moving into digital domains and it is clearly evolving as the future of content.

The way digital content, digital devices and platforms have transformed our lives is truly remarkable and it is indeed a clear choice amongst the millennials and youngsters, causing a significant as well as complex impact on today’s society. It’s enormous strength and outreach is currently unfathomable and something which we are still unraveling.

In today’s highly dynamic age, digitization is not an option but the need of the hour. It’s here not only to stay, but, accelerate its growth into the future. With the new age digital technology deepening it’s footprints and transformation in technology happening on a real time basis, new tech savvy platforms will keep getting introduced in all areas of business, sooner than we can reckon.

To successfully tread into this future, the HT Group has envisioned the creation of an organization which will steer the Group into leveraging the incalculable opportunities that the digital world has to offer. It will give the required impetus to digital innovations in business and editorial operations. With a sharp focus and cutting-edge strategy, Digicontent will spearhead the HT Group into leading and decoding the strategy to further develop capabilities, enhance customers’ experience and become more equipped in transforming ourselves with the emerging trends.

One pillar to achieve this goal shall be hiring and managing the best young talent and then grooming them for future leadership roles.

This would undoubtedly further cement our long-standing position as the leaders in Media, Entertainment and Education industry.