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Desimartini www.desimartini.com

Desimartini is India’s first and largest audience driven trusted source for movie reviews and ratings website that functions by the people for the people through 6 industries- Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada & Malayalam. With a database of over 4000 movies and 7000+ reviewers, Desimartini has a large base of users who read movies reviews, entertainment news and martini shots (our creative take on films & celebs globally). Our users also actively follow our videos section which includes trailers, songs, celeb interviews, video movie reviews & our in house production videos.

A very dedicated editorial team produces fresh, unique & engaging content and reaches out to its followers very promptly via multiplatform content distribution network. Desimartini’s success is reflected by the fact that it is one of the top three websites ranked according to the number of unique users in India in Entertainment Movies (custom) category, as per Comscore.

Desimartini offers its users the basics trailers, videos, songs, celebrity information, news, movie synopsis, release dates. Available across platforms, such as website, SMS, mobile app, Facebook, Twitter, Desimartini fuels the junta’s filmy demands and also acts as the platform for them to express their opinions on and around movies.


Brand Promotion

DCL will engage in the business of sale of Advertorial AdSpace in HTML. It responsible for identification of potential advertisers for HTML’s publications, understanding the advertising need of potential customers and procuring advertorial orders, Liaising, negotiations and collection support with them.

This involves preparing strategies, creative ideas with plans and programmes. DCL’s personnel conduct meetings with the advertiser to understand the requirements and to obtain product knowledge. During such briefings, the advertiser clarifies what it needs to communicate to its target audience. The strategy is developed based on the product briefings received from the advertiser.


Fever Audio Tools (FAT)

FAT started out as an extension of radio business in FY 2011 with primarily the non-music radio content being distributed to telecom partners for VAS consumption. Fever Ramayana was the first VAS content being distributed to telecom partners under FAT. Over the next few years FAT branched out into creation and aggregation of audio and later video content for consumption of mobile and digital users. FAT content business cuts across a wide range of content genre viz. Celeb led content, Bollywood news, audio drama, mythology, health & fitness, biographies, reality shows etc. The business covers multi-screen and multi-platform offerings through various partners and platform owners.

FAT also diversified into In-Store music and promotion business by partnering with multiple format stores, malls, restaurants, cafes etc. The end to end music management and audio promotion requirement for the entire network of stores is managed centrally by FAT team. The In-store business manages multi-lingual music and audio promotion requirements across 5000 stores in more than 200 cities and towns across the country.


Photo Library

Over the years, the HT Media group, through its steadfast journalism and wide spread news coverage, has generated several Photograph and images of testing period in India political and economic progression. This wealth of knowledge now managed as a separate wealth of inventory which can be commercially monetised. Various writers and publishing houses have requirements for such images that depict defining moments in the history of the country. We expect to leverage on this warehouse of photo gallery scrupulously maintained over the years for commercial gains.


Brief description of businesses in HT Digital Streams, the wholly owned subsidiary of the Company;


A comprehensive news website, Hindustantimes.com builds on the stories carried in the newspaper and is updated round the clock with latest and breaking news stories along with exclusive coverage by its editorial staff. It carries along almost a hundred year old legacy of bringing to its readers credible, authentic and unbiased content.

Hindustantimes.com was ranked amongst the top 10 international news sites by Forbes in 2007. The site is today one of the most popular destinations for news and information content seekers on the web. Hindustantimes.com is primarily a news website with 20 million unique visitors and over 150 million pages viewed per month.

It brings to its loyal and discerning audience, exclusive, high-calibre content along with in-depth reportage that allows its surfers to follow a story in depth. The site also provides sections written by popular columnists, along with in-depth web exclusives on politics, business, new economy, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle, apart from interactive features like celebrity chats, business tools, discussion forums etc.

Hindustantimes.com is also a popular destination for cricketing bytes. It brings to its readers live scores, ball by ball updates and player and team statistics at the click of a button.


HT Syndication

To meet the growing demand of news content across the world, Hindustantimes.com launched its content syndication business in 2004. HT Syndication is the largest news aggregator and distributor of news content from the Indian sub-continent (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal). In addition to news content, HT Syndication is also the largest information aggregator for all levels of the US Government, including the federal executive and legislative branches. This information is branded US Fed News for federal information and US States News for information derived from states, cities and countries.

HT Syndication provides a platform for individual publications anywhere in the world to link up to its global distribution network and significantly enhance reach and revenues for these publications. The business unit’s strengths in cutting edge technology, access to leading global data ports and a highly trained editorial & operations team makes it the right partner for content outsourcing across a diverse spectrum of content areas.

HT Syndication also offers customised content packages for local and global businesses in the print and online space.



Livemint.com is a business news website that covers business and related news in India as well as across the world. Livemint.com is the integrated offering with Mint, the business daily published by HT Media.

Livemint.com combines the editorial strength of Mint with a best-in-class web interface and a selection of online tools that aid the users to stay on top of the developments in the world of business, as well as help the user with investments.

The Market Info section of Livemint.com is a data bank on everything related to the stock markets and company financials. With listings of over 5400 companies, 3500 Mutual Fund schemes and all the IPOs since 2001, Livemint Market Info is a must-visit for individuals involved in the financial markets in the country.

Livemint.com has recently started featuring video stories – stories with accompanying video content and slideshows. The increase in traffic to this section shows that this has been well-received by the surfers.

Livemint.com has quickly built a steady stream of visitors to the site in its short lifespan. Livemint.com has had a dramatic growth in visitors and page views. Livemint.com has around 7 million unique visitors and 40 million pages viewed per month, which reflects the popularity of MINT. A sizeable share of the traffic to Livemint.com comes from outside India – visitors from abroad using Livemint.com as their window to business in India.



Livehindustan.com is a Hindi News website of HT Media Ltd., which promises far more than what language sites are typically credited for. Its comprehensiveness and exclusive online content by the online editorial team adds to the huge print repository of stories carried in the parent brand Hindustan, and is updated round the clock with the latest in breaking news action. The legacy values of the Hindi print flagship brand – Hindustan – can be seen upheld in the online avatar bringing to the table its credibility; authenticity and unbiased content, to provide its dedicated reader base a best- in- class Hindi news and content site.

On the content front, apart from News, Livehindustan.com extends the brand promise of empowerment – ‘Tarakki’ and has interactive elements to increase the interaction with the brand at more direct levels.

Comprehensive multimedia content across sections, ball –by- ball cricket coverage, and special in-depth exclusive features are some of the other features which distinguish this site from other run-of-the-mill Hindi News sites. Livehindustan.com is aggressively targeting a leadership role in the Hindi online news and content space.